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ESP: Soy and beauty, how can Soy make u look younger and give u even skin tone,smooth texture and flawless skin?~

Ingat lg entry Adaa yg ni: Testimoni (18SX): Alfalfa+ESP semakin HOT!!! Nak tahu kenapa? Bagi ibu2 yang dah pernah melahirkan, sure start bimbang dah psl sagging breast and buttock kan..dan dlm entry tuh ade Adaa selitkan tentang pengguna ESP yang puas hati sbb 'aset' makin anjal gtu. hehe Apa yang Adaa nak share ni ade kaitannya dengan keanjalan kulit, kecantikan dan awet muda yang diperolehi lepas mengambil Soya secara konsisten.

Macam mana caranya Soya boleh membantu utk dapat kulit yang flawless, anjal, kulit 'baru' yang lebih sihat?

According to studies soy is an excellent source of protein and anti-oxidants which reduce the signs of aging in your skin.
Soy is a natural anti-inflammatory due to the hefty content of a plant compound present in soybean known as isoflavones. Isoflavones have a two-prong benefit as both a collagen stimulant and an enzyme inhibitor.
According to recent research by the Skin Research Center at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., soy proteins can even out skin tone and texture and reduce the appearance of a wide variety of skin discolorations, such as age or sun spots

Applied topically to the skin, soy increases the elasticity and thickness of your skin, as it stimulates collagen and helps slow the early onset of wrinkles. Soy prevents the sagging of your skin by inhibiting enzymes that wear down the proteins necessary to maintain healthy skin structure.

Isoflavones are phyto-oestrogen compounds found in soya beans. They interact in the body with the beta-receptor for estradiol and thus bring about the desired effects that estradiol has: improved cholesterol levels, increased manufacture of bone tissue and fewer menopause complaints. 
What’s more, they reduce the risk of undesirable effects of oestrogens, such as the increased risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. In test-tube studies showed that isoflavones stimulate the development of skin cells, they reduce the breakdown of collagen and prevent fats in the skin from turning into aggressive compounds.
Revival Soy, a manufacturer of soy products, conducted a study with 40 post-menopausal women between ages 50-65. After taking 20g of soy over a 3 month period, the study found that 93 % of the women taking soy saw skin flaking and discoloration decrease. After 6 months wrinkles began to fade.

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Boleh nampak kan betapa pentingnya protein utk kita, bukan shj utk kecantikan tapi utk kesihatan juga, apa pula kesannya pada KECANTIKAN  jika kita kurang protein?

  • Puffy bags under the eyes, especially in the morning, may indicate a lack of protein.
  • Water retention. General puffiness around the eyes, as well as swollen ankles, face, and hands, can result from a protein deficiency.
  • Nails are made of protein, not calcium as some think. A protein deficiency can be marked by split, extremely thin nails. Nails that fail to grow quickly lack protein.
  • The structure of the hair follicle is protein. There are eight amino acids that the body does not produce and which therefore must come from complete protein foods such as eggs, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), soy, meat, fish, and fowl. Quality protein powders can fill this nutritional requirement for complete protein foods. It's a great reason to use protein powders. Eat small meals often with protein at each meal.
L-Cysteine and L-Methionine are the sulfur amino acids that form "keratin," which is the protein structure of hair. Studies have shown that supplementing with L-cysteine may prevent hair from falling out, as well as increase the diameter of the hair shaft. These amino acids have been found to increase hair growth by as much as 100 percent. Egg yolk contains the highest amount of these two amino acids. here

Sbb tu lah Adaa suka sgt minum soya and my choice of course ESP lah..sbb ape? 

1.           ''Protein lengkap'' -bermaksud ianya mengandungi 9 asid amino yg tak dapat dibuat dalam badan. Ia mengandungi nilai biologi yang tertinggi bagi tubuh kerana ia boleh diguna dengan paling berkesan
2.           Bahan terbaik-Soya (berbanding protein dlm daging, kandungan proteinnya hanya 22% yang lain lemak jee
3.           Tanpa kolesterol
4.           Lemak min (1gm shj)
5.           Instant- kadar penghadaman tinggi dan dapat diserap terus kedalam darah (BEST!)
6.           Tiada perasa tiruan,pemanis, pewarna, pengawet
7.           Tanpa laktosa
8.           Mengandungi 5 vitamin B, 2 mineral dan 8 gm karbohidrat untuk tenaga
9.           Versitile- boleh dicampur dlm pelbagai air, ikut selera anda asalkan jgn dalam air panas, kopi dan teh

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